Inverness Opera Dress Rehearsal 2004 -2005
At last this years pictures and also last years have been left to browse through if desired. I took some digital photos too but due to the limitations of of the camera they are not quite as good as the prints. I have included all the acceptable pictures including some blurry ones due to low lighting conditions so please do not adjust your glasses.

I have made it as easy as possible to navigate through the pictures. The images on the site are all in low resolution which is fine for small prints however if you would like any particular image in high resolution please e-mail me with the picture numbers required and I will e-mail them to you directly ....


2004 pictures >>>

2005 Pictures >>>

2005 Digital Pictures >>>

Oklahoma 2008>>>

To save any of the pictures on the site right click on the print and select "save as" and then save to the location you desire. Apologies to anyone who I have missed but not knowing what's coming or who you have taken it all gets very confusing.


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